A catalogue for every customer segment

Each customer gets the products most relevant to their profile

After 30 years of experience in the food industry, we have developed Foxino to quickly present products, publish offers, achieve sales results and set up a direct communication channel with the customer: more power for all companies with up to one million products.

Engaging experiences thanks to extensive knowledge of product and customers

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The product features

Food products have some specific characteristics that affect their life cycle and thus their promotion and sale. Every consumer prefers certain foods to others, deciding according to their health status or lifestyle. Product information is therefore important for every company – whether B2B or B2C. Thanks to the analysis possibilities of the product data on the one hand and the creation of user profiles on the other, Foxino can offer targeted services for customised presentation and sales promotion.

The following product properties are managed by Foxino for individual customisation of the catalogue and offers:

  • Product name
  • Ingredients
  • Additives
  • Allergens
  • Certifications
  • Area of origin
  • Processing methods 

After a thorough analysis of each product, customer profiles are created to filter out less interesting products and promote those that fit the profile.

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How we create customer profiles

We have one goal: to achieve the best results with little effort thanks to innovative technologies.  Foxino is the cloud solution to independently customise the product presentation, giving preference to the products that best fit the user profile. This increases the customer’s interest to further engage with the catalogue. The more interesting and pleasant the experience, the more sales increase.
When deciding on food products, some principles come into play that have been taken into account in Foxino’s profiling system.

Characteristics of the client profile

  • Lifestyle
  • Nutritional culture
  • Health status
  • Dietary habits
  • Preferred product categories

With Foxino, profiling (in compliance with personal data processing regulations) can be used to highlight exactly those products and offers to which the respective target group is more receptive.

This is done automatically with Foxino. The technology can be used by companies throughout the production chain.

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Careful and intelligent product data processing

With Foxino, product data can be managed from a single interface, even for multiple languages. All information for a correct presentation of the food product can be entered according to GS1 standards.

From barcode (EAN or GTIN) to all product information

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Right decisions thanks to Big Data

With the user behaviour data collected by Foxino, you can increase your sales performance.
Which products are viewed most often, which are bought most often, how does user behaviour change with updates and news? When should an offer be best advertised? These and many other questions can be answered with the data collected from each product catalogue.

Frequently asked questions

You are a sales manager and want to implement Foxino in your company? This is what you need to know before you start.

If the data is managed via enterprise software such as PIM, CRM or ERP, ensure that these can be connected to third-party services – such as Foxino – via the standard Open API.  Request technical details from your suppliers to proceed properly.
Otherwise, a convenient data import and export tool is available to facilitate the exchange of information between Foxino and your operational tools.
Before integrating Foxino into the distribution network, we advise every customer to first determine the best strategy. Do you need help with this?


Are you a marketer looking for a more detailed explanation?

Foxino is a multi-tiered tool that is constantly updated to provide high data security and technologically advanced features for new marketing strategies.  Do you want to tailor your offer to each user and deliver business information in a timely and targeted manner? Then Foxino is the suitable tool for every marketing manager.


Your company produces food or beverages and you would like to use Foxino to bring yourself up to date with the latest technology?

Whether you are a small manufacturer or a large industrial company, Foxino is there to help you present and promote your products easily and quickly with tailor-made experiences for the customers who are most suited to them. You set the rules for publishing and customising the offers – Foxino will then create the offers that best engage customers.


You have a grocery shop and are looking for a new tool that will bring you into the new age without headaches at transparent and quickly depreciable costs?

If you are the owner of a shop or a small food chain, Foxino is the right tool to promote your products, sell through a digital channel and communicate directly with your customers – simple but powerful.  Thanks to the cloud solution, there are only low costs.


Foxino is an ideal tool to automate and streamline many business processes, don’t miss this opportunity to take your business into the future!

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