Catalogues transformed into complete digital experiences

Checkout for purchases, instant messaging for real-time communication and automated offer management.

Foxino is a modular technological solution for the food sector that consists of a range of functionalities suitable for various commercial and marketing purposes for companies of all sizes working in the entire supply chain from producer to consumer.
Foxino is the tool created for all companies operating in the food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage sectors, such as wholesalers in the food service sector who want to improve the performance of their product catalogue and open up new sales models thanks to digital.
The modules that allow Foxino to adapt to every commercial and marketing need have been created with the intention of bringing real value to this highly competitive and ever-changing sector, that of fresh or long-life food products.

How to turn your product catalogue into an innovative digital tool

Pulsante Buy ecommerce

E-commerce component - selling food and beverages to different customer segments

By integrating the E-commerce component, you can enable your customers to carry out two activities that are very much in demand today:

  • Purchase and receive goods at home;
  • Buy and collect in shop.

These activities allow you to open a direct sales channel through the product catalogue created and shared thanks to Foxino.

Selling food products to consumers presupposes a knowledge of the rules for the correct promotion and dissemination of all the necessary information to the customer. Foxino also supports you in this because its interface provides for the correct dissemination of data in accordance with the law in the main European and world markets.

Are you a producer and do you want to sell your food products to private individuals and companies in Europe? Foxino is the right solution at the best price!

Chat Customer Service

Chat component - Real-time communication and the catalogue always at your disposal

Today, everyone prefers to write messages and communicate via instant messaging services rather than using email, telephone or fax, even in the business sector. In this respect, with Foxino you don’t have to be afraid of being in the past, but rather take advantage of the Chat component which allows real-time communication for a modern and error-free customer service.

The aim is simple and organised communication in order to be ready for every request and need of your customer.

The Foxino Chat component offers the possibility of integrating a chat function into your catalogue, which allows you to communicate in real time, always with your product catalogue in sight.

The statistics are very clear, a chat associated with the product catalogue increases the interest in purchasing by at least 10 times.

Offerte Speciali Alimentari

Promo Component - Promotions that save time and money

Advertising is an essential tool for success in every business, but even more so for businesses where the product has a short or very short shelf-life, so the need to arrive on time with the right communication is the magic that every marketing manager or sales manager is looking for.
Through the Promo component, Foxino allows you to promote timed offers in just a few steps, adapted to the audience that will receive them, to exponentially increase the return on investment.

Automate the creation of offers through clear and easy to manage rules, these are the criteria to save time by leaving the burden of creating the offers to Foxino:

  • Product expiry date
  • Geographical location of the customer
  • Maximum price variation
  • Demonstrated interest
  • Promotion duration


Offers are divided into four models: discount, price, quantity and combined.

Discount: In this case, the offers contained in a campaign will have as their price modification value from the catalogue a discount in the form of a percentage that can vary for each individual offer or be the same for an entire product category.
Price: Here the price plays a major role to be precise to the penny, each offer will be able to accommodate a new price by deleting the one from the catalogue for the duration of the offer.
Quantity: In the BtoB sector, the quantity of goods to be ordered is often a variable that interferes with the basic price of the product, which is why this offer model is recommended for all those businesses that want to force their customers to buy large quantities of goods at a discounted price.
Combined: Very often during some commercial offers, for very specific purposes such as the launch of a new product, the commercial strength of a popular product is exploited and it is offered at a discount only if purchased in combination with another product.
Other examples of the use of an offer launched via a combined model is that involving a package of products where the ancillary products, very often a gift, are strictly functional to the main product in order to render a complete service at a very low price.
For example, a combined offer could be a pasta with a sauce on offer.
Pollice in su

Winning choices thanks to Big Data

By reading the data collected thanks to Foxino, which tells the user experience, you can improve your business activities.
For example, which products are most viewed and which are most purchased, how does user behaviour change when there are updates and news? What is the best time to promote a commercial offer? These questions and many others can be answered by analysing the data collected from each product catalogue.

GS1, an international standard

The GS1 Standard for the exchange of data between companies in the food and wine sector is followed by Foxino in order to offer a professional service at an international level.

Foxino chooses transparency and shares the values of a standard that rewards everyone.

Foxino is an ideal tool to automate and streamline many business processes, don’t miss this opportunity to take your business into the future!

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